I am an artist and graphic designer living in Athens, Greece. I have been on this creative journey for over twenty now years mostly doing client-based work and when time has been kind, some of my own personal projects. Recently I decided that I wanted to share my precious secret life with others and so I decided to open an online shop.

Of Greek descent but having been born and raised in Africa, including the Ivory Coast, Mali, Ghana, and South Africa, my roots are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. My view of the world is undefined by cultural norms because I was never really taught them by any particular place. Having lived a nomadic life until my thirties, Greece became the place where my very first roots began to sprout and the place I love to call home.

Art or rather the creative process is not something I do but rather something I cannot be without. I am a maker of things. Unpretentiously so. It is what connects me to myself but also what helps me to understand the world around me. Art is my voice when I have none, my companion when I feel alone, and my guide when I am lost.

My hope is that my work gets to see the world and that it gives others the same joy and love it has given me all these years.

To see some of my graphic design work and official bio go to www.elenisakelaris.com