Collection: Circle of life

L I N O L E U M   P R I N T S   C O L L E C T I O N

The circle is a symbol I often incorporate into my work. Infinite. No beginnings and no end. Continuity and feminine energy all in one. In this collection of large-scale monochrome linoleum prints, what I want to convey is emotion through abstraction. Tension, movement, release. The technique of linoleum carving is very labor-intensive, especially in such large-scale blocks that require such fine detailing. Each element has to be carved by hand repeatedly using the finest of blades and a steady hand must constantly be monitored. Each artwork takes up to three months to complete and is then hand pressed with block printing inks on premium cotton paper. The prints are sold as a limited edition series of 25 copies per artwork. Each print is considered unique due to the differences in its outcomes during printing.