Collection: Dancing girls

A R T   P R I N T S   C O L L E C T I O N

The one thing after my art that I love the most in this world is dancing. Loose, unrestricted, and uninhibited. No rules or judgments. To be surrounded by people in unison, and yet somehow alone with my body. This collection of open edition art prints is an ode to freedom and liberation - body, mind, and spirit - for all women and a tribute to the unrestrained spirit of dance. Using Fineliner pens of varying widths, I use thicker pens to create outline forms that are then filled in with thinner ink pens to create volume and movement. A technique that ensures as much fine detailing as possible. Available as printed reproduction art prints of varying sizes, each piece is digitally printed using the Giclee method on premium acid-free cotton paper. Each print is signed and sold as part of an open edition series.